Bad Oeynhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia is a traditional spa town, which is known internationally but not for Hot Springs or its medical rehabilitation centre. Bad Oeynhausen lies on the old motorway between Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw which is still one of the most used trading routes between west and east Europe. For fourty years now this route has no motorway or highway and traffic is flowing directly through the middle of town. 25.000 cars and trucks, german tourist, craftsmen from Poland or dutch florist all must go through Bad Oeynhausen with 30mp/h, no alternative routes. You must go through the city. A huge construction project will change Germany´s most notorious bottleneck forever - a long-term observation over eight years of people living in Spa town Bad Oeynhausen. A film about Germany, small town society and a huge motorway.


Director: Daniel Abma
DOP: David Schittek
Editor: Momas Schütze
Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF


Oct 2019, DOK Leipzig, Germany
Feb 2020, Stranger than fiction, Cologne, Germany
Mai 2020, Dok.fest München, Germany
Sept 2020, Incuna Filmfestival, Gijón, Spain
Sept 2020, Festivalfinale Plzen, Czech Republic
Sept 2020, Achtung Berlin Film Festival, Germany
Oct 2020, DOK.stories 2020, St. Petersburg, Russia
Oct 2020, Crossing Europe, Linz, Austria


„Stories are “picked up” with a fine instinct for unusual characters and leaving lots of space for their personalities and quirks.“
DOK Leipzig catalogue – Frederik Lang 2019

„A very personal and direct approach to filming a vast and wide-reaching infrastructural change with a uniquely German subject matter.“ 2019